Bungalow5 BRT-800-808

BRIGHTON 7.5 x 35.50 inch Table Lamp


The grand-scale Brighton Lamp is named in honor of the decorative tastes on display at the 1790s Royal Pavilion, built for a young King George IV in Brighton, England. This lamp would have been right at home in an incarnation of the Royal Pavilion, which featured Chinese export furniture, furnishings and hand-painted wallpaper. The design injects historical, mid-century and Asian energy into any room.

Brand Information

  • Brand: Bungalow5
  • Collection: BRIGHTON
  • SKU: FOR-800-106


Design Information

  • Category: Lighting
  • Material: Gold Leafed Polymerized Plaste


Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 7.50 in.
  • Height: 33.50 in.
  • Weight: 28.00 lb.



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SKU: BRT-800-808
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